A fish as a pet – much more exciting than you think

Fish are much more than colourful creatures that are said to swim sluggishly through the aquarium every day. Individual behaviours such as food intake, territory behaviour and much more can also be observed in the small aquarium inhabitants. You can find out what the right home looks like and how your fish will stay fit for many years with the right food in our pet fish guide. Have you become curious? Then read on now.

Child with goldfish

What is the ideal home for my fish?

Since it is common knowledge that fish live in water, an aquarium should be at the top of your shopping list. So-called starter sets are best suited for beginners. These often include the aquarium itself, a pump, filter material and any decoration. Nanoaquariums are also suitable for beginners. If you decide against a set and for the composition from individual elements, the following things should belong to the basic equipment. An aquarium with enough space for all inhabitants, bottom gravel such as black aquarium gravel, living plants for a good climate, a pump, filter material, the right lighting and decorations that invite you to play and hide. The entire interior should be geared to the needs of the aquarium inhabitants. Since these can vary greatly depending on the species, you should choose the composition of your fish carefully.

Which inhabitants are ideal for my aquarium?

A rough distinction is made between freshwater and saltwater fish. Fish that live in fresh water are less demanding than their fellow fish and therefore easier to care for. As a beginner you should, therefore, bet on a freshwater aquarium. Popular fish are goldfish, guppies, barbels, mollies, scalars, rebent fish as well as neon and discus fish. Some shimmer in bright colors, others look more like prehistoric animals. Which inhabitants you choose for your aquarium is up to you, but make sure in advance that the species are compatible and provide approximately equal conditions of water temperature, light conditions, and food.

Yellow fish in the aquarium

How do I feed my fish?

Nutrition plays an important role in the proper keeping of fish as pets. That is why well-known brands offer fish food specially designed to meet the needs of different species. For example, there are special mixtures for goldfish, catfish or ornamental fish. Daily feeding is a must. The amount of food depends on the type and number of aquarium inhabitants. Be careful not to feed too much, because fish can also get problems due to too much food supply. The right food supports a healthy digestion and development of the agile swimmers. Therefore, quality and a balanced formula should be taken into account when selecting the feed. You are guaranteed to enjoy your fish for a long time to come.


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