How To Find The Right Pet

The idea of buying a pet has been floating around in your head for some time, but you don’t know which one is best for you? Find out now and take My Pet’s personality test.

Pets in Germany

Around 30 million pets live in Germany. These include many dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rats. For us, they are not only roommates, but also family members, playmates, carers, good listeners and often even a substitute for children. They accompany us through everyday life. When we are sad, dogs and cats are especially loyal to us. They cuddle up to us, challenge us to play and give us their fullest trust. A close relationship between humans and animals quickly develops and a life without an animal’s best friend is hardly imaginable.

However, the acquisition of an animal companion also brings with it many obligations, which the owner must meet. He should be aware of this in advance. Therefore it is important the decision whether one purchases a domestic animal and which domestic animal it is to become, well by the head to go lets itself.

If you are in the decision phase, you should give some thought to it beforehand. How much time do you have for the animal? What costs are associated with the purchase? Who will take care of your dog, cat, mouse & Co. if you are unable to come or would like to go on holiday?

With everything you should be aware that you have a responsibility towards your pet. No matter if this is a dog, a cat, a mouse or an iguana, you should do justice to the needs of the animal! You should also make the choice of the pet not only dependent on which animal you like best. Consider for example also in which work and life situation you are at the moment. For example, if you like dogs but have to work all day, the dog will probably not fit your lifestyle!

Which pet is right for me?

You’ve already decided to buy a pet, but you’re still thinking about moving in with a dog, cat, small animal or reptile? Then you should ask yourself some important questions:

  • How long and how often must my pet be able to stay alone?
  • Who will take care of the pet when I travel? Or would I like to spend my holiday with a dog or cat?
  • Do I enjoy walking and spending time in nature?
  • Do I want a pet for the whole family?
  • Am I a very tidy person or do I also tolerate chaos?
  • Do I want to spend a lot of time with my animal roommate or do I prefer a secluded pet?

The dog – man’s best friend

Dogs are regarded as man’s best friends. They are faithful, loyal and love to spend time with their owners. If they are once part of the family, they give away their heart and stand to their people in good, as in bad times always faithfully aside. However, a dog needs a lot of attention and you should only bring him into your house if you have enough time for him.

A dog has to go for a walk at least three times a day and it is not a question of letting him into the garden for a short time. He needs a lot of exercise, activity and education. In rain, wind and snow there are no excuses – the dog has to do his business and get exercise. The attitude of the four-legged friend is altogether very time-intensive and therefore is to be refrain from the acquisition, if one is full-time employed.

A further point which is to be considered, are the costs, which the quadruped causes, because the dog attitude is not favorable. There are costs for the food, the insurance, the dog tax, the veterinarian and all kinds of accessories for the dog. Are you aware of all these points and are you sure that you can do justice to the animal?

Then it’s time to find the four-legged friend that suits you or your family best. There are a variety of dog breeds of different sizes and characters. Some dogs are particularly suitable as family dogs and others are very active and fit well to equally active and sporty people. You should also ask yourself whether you want to buy a dog from the breeder or adopt one from the shelter. In this regard, there are many advantages and disadvantages to be weighed.

The cat – the stubborn roommate

The cat is the most popular pet of the Germans. They don’t need as much attention and activity as a dog, because they also like to deal with themselves. You don’t have to walk them, nor can you educate them, so cats are also good for working animal lovers. One should consider however that also she needs regular food, a clean cat toilet, fun and strokes.

If you are thinking about buying a cat as an animal roommate, you should first think about the following: Would I like to have a domestic cat or a free-range cat? If the cat lives only in the flat, it needs many possibilities to occupy itself, otherwise boredom arises and it begins to make nonsense. It can happen that furniture and wallpaper are affected.

As you can see, cats are not undemanding and want to get attention and closeness from their owners. Gimmicks and occasional cuddling units also require the small cuddly cats. ?

The rabbit – the reserved pet

A rabbit is soft and cuddly and a popular pet among children. But if you think you can cuddle your fluffy roommates all day long, you’re wrong. Rabbits are escape- and observation-animals, who don’t like to be touched. With the time, however, they become tamer and get used to the human being and the new surroundings in the best case.

Nevertheless, they feel most comfortable among their peers and therefore everyone is recommended to keep the social group-animals at least in twos. So they have the possibility to be occupied with each other and there is no boredom.

Rabbits are suitable for working people because they do not need to be looked after around the clock. Nevertheless, they are not completely undemanding. At least once a week you have to clean the enclosure of the animals thoroughly. Ideally, they will get plenty of fresh food plants, such as dandelion, which you can pick outside in summer. The restrained roommate should also get regular exercise. In summer, an outdoor stable with freewheel is ideal.